hierarchy tools

hierarchy tools

Some Practical hotools Applications

Unicon package dependence


hotools for Windows Subsystem for Linux kewsl.zip
hotools for Windows Cygwin kewin.zip
hotools for Windows Msys kewin.zip
hotools for Linux kelin.zip
hotools for Mac kemac.zip

Installation Instructions

For Windows, install Windows Subsystem for Linux or the Cygwin Linux environment.
Install Unicon.
Create new directories $HOME/HO and $HOME/db.
Unzip download file in $HOME/HO directory.
Add the following statements to your .profile:
    export DBDIR="$HOME/db"
    export HOHOME="$HOME/HO"
    export PATH="$HOHOME/bin:$PATH"
For comments and/or support, email   rhmccullough@gmail.com

Overview of hotools

Hierarchies use the "isa" relation, for example:
    cat, dog isa animal;
    animal, person isa entity;
Complete hierarchies may be expressed in a table-of-contents format, for example:
    begin hierarchy mkr.ho;
    ho 0,  universe;
    ho 1,       entity;
    ho 2,           program;
    ho 3,               u:mKE;
    ho 2,           person;
    ho 3,               u:Richard H. McCullough;
    ho 2,           list;
    ho 2,           set;
    ho 2,           mset;
    ho 2,           xset;
    ho 2,           cset;
    ho 2,           array;
    ho 2,           hierarchy;
    ho 2,           relation;
    ho 1,       property;
    ho 2,           part;
    ho 2,           attribute;
    ho 3,               space;
    ho 3,               time;
    ho 3,               view;
    ho 2,           action;
    ho 3,               method;
    ho 1,       value;

    ho 1,       sentence;
    ho 2,           context;
    ho 2,           statement;
    ho 3,               definition;
    ho 2,           question;
    ho 2,           command;
    ho 2,           assignment;
    ho 2,           conditional;
    ho 2,           iteration;
    ho 2,           relation group;
    ho 2,           hierarchy group;
    ho 2,           method group;
    end hierarchy mkr.ho;

Last update Jan/15/2019