Context Knowledge Systems

24 Golden Gate Circle, Napa, CA 94558

Richard H. McCullough

voicemail: 707-255-3093

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Goals of Context Knowledge Systems

  • To solve your software problems == free service.
  • To save your money by using free open source software.
  • To introduce you to Semantic Web tools.
  • To develop new Knowledge Representation tools.

    Free help and/or paid computer program development.

    Why use open source software?

    Pro: It's free. It can be modified to match your application.
    Con: Commercial vendors can provide better customer service.

    Some examples of useful free tools

    LibreOffice for Windows, Linux, Mac
    FileZilla FTP Server and Client
    TeamViewer Remote Desktop
    PushBullet notifications
    AutoHotKey keyboard and mouse macros
    Malwarebytes cleaner

    Google Custom Search Engines using
    Virtuoso Universal Database server
    Open source Virtuoso 7.x Docker
    Redland RDF Libraries
    Python Natural Language Toolkit
    Tesseract Optical Character Recognition

    my Knowledge Explorer -- hierarchy & relation tools
    myenv for Windows 10 + WSL + Cygwin + Msys2
    Automatic Multi-Book Indexing

    Free Software Directory
    Context Knowledge Systems
    GitHub open software development
    Cygwin Linux enviroment for Windows
    Msys2 Linux enviroment for Windows
    Ubuntu Linux

    mKR language
    Unicon language
    KornShell language
    Python language

    Copyright 1996-2021 Richard H. McCullough
    Last update Jun/15/2021