Richard H. McCullough

Napa, CA 94558-6190

voicemail: 707-255-3093

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Context Knowledge Blog

The goal of Context Knowledge Systems is to help you reduce software costs by using free open source software. I offer free consulting and/or paid software development.

Why use open source software?
Pro: It's free. It can be modified to match your application.
Con: Commercial vendors can provide better customer service.

Some examples of useful free tools:
Google Custom Search Engines using
FileZilla FTP Server and Client
LibreOffice for Windows
Redland RDF Libraries
my Knowledge Explorer
Automatic Indexing of Books (beta)
myenv for Windows 10 + Cygwin + WSL
Tesseract Optical Character Recognition
Tesseract OCR data (1.07 GB)

GitHub open software
Cygwin Linux enviroment for Windows
Ubuntu Linux
Unicon language
Python language
KornShell language

Last update Apr/07/2018