All You Need To Know About GWF Number For UK Visa Application

When applying for a UK visa, one important thing you should know is the GWF number. A GWF (Global Web Form) number is a unique reference number given to visa applicants and is required to track your visa application status. If you’re planning to apply for a visa to the UK, read on to learn more about the GWF number.

What Is The GWF Number?

The GWF number is a unique identifier given to visa applicants to track their visa applications. It is provided by the visa application center (VAC) after the application and the relevant fees have been submitted. Once you have the GWF number, you can track your visa application status online.

Where Can You Find Your GWF Number?

After paying the visa application fee, you will receive an email regarding your visa application, and your GWF number and reference number will be included. Your GWF number can also be found on the visa application form.

Why Is The GWF Number Important?

The GWF number is essential because it allows you to track your visa application status online. It is also required when contacting UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) or VFS Global (the company that manages the visa application centers) to ask for an update or to make enquiries about your visa application.

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How To Track Your Visa Application Status Using The GWF Number?

You can track your visa application status online using your GWF number. Go to the VFS Global website and click on “Track Your Application” or visit the UKVI website and click “Track Your Application.” Enter your GWF number, and you will be able to see your application status.

Can You Apply For A UK Visa Without A GWF Number?

No, you cannot apply for a UK visa without a GWF number. It is provided after the visa application and relevant fees have been submitted.

What Do You Do If You Lose Your GWF Number?

If you lose your GWF number, you can retrieve it by contacting the VAC that you submitted your visa application to.


The GWF number is an essential component when applying for a UK visa. It is a unique identifier that allows you to track your visa application status online and is required when contacting UKVI or VFS Global for enquiries or updates.

If you’re planning to apply for a UK visa, it’s vital to keep your GWF number safe and make sure you have it before leaving the visa application center. Contact the VAC that you submitted your visa application to immediately if you misplace your GWF number.

Useful FAQ

Q: How long does it take to get a UK visa after submitting an application?

A: Processing times vary depending on the type of visa you’re applying for. You can check processing times on the UKVI website.

Q: How do I contact the UKVI if I have a question or enquiry about my visa application?

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A: You can contact UKVI through email, phone, or webchat. Contact details can be found on the UKVI website.

Q: How long is the GWF number valid for?

A: The GWF number is valid for 90 days only after which it becomes invalid. Therefore, one must apply for a visa within 90 days of receiving the GWF number.

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