Do I Staple Passport Photo To Application? The Ultimate Guide

If you’re traveling abroad, you know that obtaining a passport is essential. You have to fill out an application form, and a passport photo of yourself is required. But, the question is, do I staple passport photo to application? It might seem like an easy task, but there are some things you should know.

Here is your complete guide with all the information you need to know about stapling passport photos to an application.

Can You Staple Passport Photo to Application Form?

Yes, you can staple a passport photo to an application form. In fact, it’s mandatory in several countries, and some even require you to use a certain number of staples, such as four in the case of the UK.

How Do You Staple a Passport Photo to an Application Form?

If you decide to staple your passport photo to your application form, here are some simple steps you can follow to do it correctly:

  1. Make sure your passport photo is the right size and has your full face, without filters or glasses to obscure your face or eyes.

  2. If required, write your name and passport application number on the back of the photo or label it accordingly.

  3. Place the photo on the top right-hand corner of your application form.

  4. Use a paper clip to attach the photo securely to the application form. If you’re in a country that requires staples, staple the photo in the corners.

  5. Double-check that your photo is secured to your application form and that nothing is covering your face or information provided in the form.

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Tips for Stapling Passport Photo to Application Form

There are a couple of useful tips that you should consider when stapling your passport photo to your application form:

  • The photo should be recent and not older than six months.

  • Your photo must be high-quality and meet the requirements for passport photos in your country of destination.

  • Don’t use glue or other adhesive substances to attach your photo; paper clips or staples work best.

  • When you staple your photo, don’t damage your photo, and make sure the staples are neat.

What Happens If I Don’t Staple My Passport Photo to My Application?

It is a must to attach a passport photo to your application form. If you don’t, chances are high that your application will be rejected, and you’ll need to send it back again with the right attachments.


Stapling your passport photo to your application form isn’t as simple as it may seem. By following these instructions, you can do it correctly and prevent your application from getting delayed or rejected. Be sure that your photo meets the requirements for passport photos in your destination country, paper clip or staple, and you’ll be all set!

Key Takeaways

  • Stapling a passport photo onto an application form is required in numerous countries.
  • When stapling a picture, it is preferable to double-check the picture requirements and rules.
  • The back of the photo should be printed with your name and passport number or marked to match the application form.
  • Using glue or stickers to affix the passport photo to the application is not permitted in several countries.
  • If you do not staple your passport photo to your application, your application will be rejected.
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What should I do if I require a new passport photo?

If you require a new passport photo, simply visit a photo studio that specializes in passport photos, provide them with the requirement laid out by the country of destination, and have them take and print the passport photos for you.

How Many Passport Photos Do I Need For My Application?

In general, you will need two passport photos for your application, but some countries may require more. It is recommended that you take additional photographs just in case.

May I take a photo of myself to use for my passport application?

No, passport photographs must be taken in person in order to comply with all regulations.

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