Duolingo: An Integral Tool for Canadian Study Visas

Learning a new language, especially when you intend to pursue your studies abroad, can be both daunting and challenging. Nonetheless, with the advancement of modern technology, a handy tool that can make this process seamless and enjoyable has become readily available. Duolingo is a platform that aims to enable individuals to learn a new language conveniently and comfortably.

If you are looking to study in Canada, you may be wondering if Duolingo is an acceptable language proficiency test for a study visa. Simply put, yes, it is. Here is what you need to know:

Key Takeaways:

  • Applying for a Canadian study visa requires the submission of proof of language proficiency in either French or English.
  • Duolingo has become an approved language proficiency test for individuals looking to apply for a Canadian study visa.
  • Duolingo’s English Test is becoming an increasingly popular option for language testing, with some institutions even waiving the need for TOEFL or IELTS scores.
  • To ensure your Duolingo test is recognized by Canadian educational institutions, check the requirements of the educational institution offering your program.

While the Canadian government still recognizes traditional language proficiency tests like TOEFL and IELTS, Duolingo’s acceptance as equivalent to these tests is a significant move forward. Here is a handy guide to navigating this new development.

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Why Duolingo?

Duolingo is widely recognized for its unique style that makes it a fun and engaging way to learn a new language. With over 300 million users, the app has gained a reputation for delivering excellent and practical user experiences.

The English test offered by Duolingo enables individuals to test their language proficiency and be assured of its quality. You can take the test from anywhere, as long as you have a computer and a reliable internet connection. Additionally, the test is usually graded within 48 hours, which means that you can submit your Canadian study visa application quickly.

Duolingo English Test in Canada

Canadian universities are quickly embracing the Duolingo English Test as part of their application process. A few educational institutions that have accepted the Duolingo English Test for their study programs include Montreal’s McGill University, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Regina. Before you take the Duolingo English Test, ensure that the educational institution offering your program accepts the test as a requirement for your study visa.

It is also worth noting that some educational institutions have different requirements for the Duolingo English Test. For example, McGill University requires a minimum score of 115-120 for undergraduate courses, while some graduate programs require a score of 125-130. Do your research to find out the specific score requirements of your chosen educational institution.

Applying for a Study Visa with Duolingo Test

When applying for a study visa with Duolingo, you will need to demonstrate your proficiency in either French or English, depending on your institution’s language requirements. Once you complete the Duolingo test, you will receive an electronic certificate with your test scores. You can then submit the certificate alongside your study visa application.

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When submitting your study visa application, you need to ensure that all of your information is accurate, as any errors or discrepancies in your documentation may delay the processing of your visa application.


Is Duolingo recognized as a valid language test for a Canadian study visa?

Yes, it is. Canada recognizes the Duolingo language proficiency test for international student visas.

Can I take the Duolingo English Test from anywhere in the world?

Yes, as long as you have a reliable internet connection and a working computer.

Can I use the Duolingo English Test for a work permit in Canada?

As of now, the Canadian government has not approved the Duolingo English Test as a valid test for work permit applications.

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