How to Verify the Authenticity of Your H1B Visa Employer: A Step-by-Step Guide

As an H1B visa holder, you want to ensure that your employer is legitimate so that you can avoid fraudulent activities that can jeopardize your immigration status. There are several ways to determine if your H1B visa employer is fake. This article serves as a comprehensive guide that outlines practical steps and strategies to help you investigate your employer’s authenticity and avoid potential consequences.

Key Takeaways

  • H1B visa holders should conduct thorough research before accepting a job offer from a sponsor.
  • The USCIS website provides a database of approved H1B visa sponsors that H1B visa holders can use to verify their employer’s legitimacy.
  • H1B visa holders can review the employer’s information in their Labor Condition Application (LCA), including salary, job title, and work conditions, to ensure that their employer is paying them fairly and providing comfortable working conditions.
  • H1B visa holders should also verify the authenticity of their employer by checking for business licenses, registration, and other legal requirements in the state where the organization is located.
  • If you are uncertain about your employer’s authenticity, you can hire the services of an attorney who specializes in immigration law.

Step-by-Step Guide on Verifying the Authenticity of Your H1B Visa Employer

  1. Conduct thorough research
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As an H1B visa holder, it’s imperative that you conduct comprehensive research before accepting a job offer from your sponsor. You can carry out your research by asking for referrals or references from other professionals in your field to help you locate reputable employers. H1B visa holders can also use professional networks such as LinkedIn to connect with other professionals in their industry and gain insight into their potential employers.

  1. Check the USCIS Website

The USCIS website maintains a database of approved H1B visa sponsors that H1B visa holders can access to verify their employer’s legitimacy. You can check the USCIS website to ensure that your employer’s status is up to date, to learn more information about your role and your employer’s business activities.

  1. Review the Labor Condition Application (LCA)

The Labor Condition Application (LCA) is an essential document that an H1B visa sponsor must file with the Department of Labor (DOL) before employing a foreign worker. This application contains details of the job offered, including the job description, salary, and working conditions, and is a fundamental component to ensure and maintain a fair and compliant workforce. H1B visa holders should compare the information provided in their H1B visa approval notice with the LCA to ensure that their employer is complying with the approved conditions.

  1. Verify Business Licenses and Registrations

H1B visa holders can check if their potential employer has obtained all necessary business licenses and registrations in the state where the organization is located. You can review the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) online database or the state business registration website to verify if your employer is registered in the correct state with a valid license number.

  1. Consider Hiring an Immigration Lawyer
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If you have reason to believe that your employer is not legitimate, consider hiring an attorney specializing in immigration law. The attorney can help you verify the authenticity of your employer, represent you to USCIS, and explore legal opportunities that can protect your immigration status.


What should I do if I suspect my employer is fraudulent, but I already have an H1B visa?

If you suspect your employer is engaged in fraudulent activities, report it to the appropriate authorities. Keep a copy of all your employment records, including your pay stubs, W-2 forms, and LCA. You may also hire an attorney who specializes in immigration law to help you explore legal options and protect your immigration status.

Can my employer change my job position, employer location, or working conditions after obtaining my H1B visa?

No, your employer cannot change your job position, work location, or working conditions after obtaining your H1B visa without notifying the USCIS. Your employer must file an amended petition with the USCIS. Otherwise, you may be forced to abandon your H1B visa status.

How can I determine if my potential employer is offering a fair salary?

You can use online resources, such as Glassdoor or Payscale, to determine if your potential employer is offering fair salary. You can also review the details provided in their LCA submitted to the DOL to verify the salary and other employment details. Additionally, you can negotiate with your employer to ensure competitive compensation.

In conclusion, verifying the authenticity of your H1B visa employer is crucial because it helps protect your immigration status and ensures that you receive fair and just compensation. H1B visa holders must conduct thorough research, utilize online resources, review the LCA, and seek legal advice if necessary. By following these steps, you can ensure that your employer is legitimate and operate within the law.

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