Poland Student Visa Interview Questions: Your Comprehensive Guide

Are you planning to study in Poland, but have concerns about the student visa interview process? If so, this article is for you. In this guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know about the frequently asked questions during the interview process for acquiring a student visa in Poland.

Key Takeaways

  • The Poland student visa interview aims to assess if you are a genuine student with a clear academic goal, and if you are capable of financially supporting your studies and stay in Poland.
  • Expect to answer questions about your educational background, academic plans, funding, and ties to your home country.
  • Research the university, program, and course you are pursuing before the interview to demonstrate a clear academic plan and knowledge about your chosen course.
  • Prepare and present strong evidence of financial ability, such as bank statements, scholarships, or sponsor letters to show you have enough funds to support yourself in Poland without relying on illegal work or public fundings.
  • Articulate strong ties to your home country by explaining your family, financial, or social connections and future plans.
  • Practice effective communication skills by speaking clearly, confidently, and truthfully throughout the interview process.
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Now let’s dive into the most frequently asked Poland student visa interview questions.

Poland Student Visa Interview Questions

1. Why do you want to study in Poland?

This is one of the most essential questions you will be asked during the interview process. You should be able to highlight all the reasons why you chose Poland for your studies. Provide the name of the university, course, and program, and explain how it can help you achieve your career goals.

2. Can you provide some information about your academic background?

This question aims to assess your academic background and ensure that you have the necessary qualifications and skills for the course that you have applied for. Explain your educational history, past achievements, and any other academic qualifications you may have.

3. What do you plan to do after completing your studies?

The interviewer will be interested in knowing what your plans are after completing your studies in Poland. Explain your career goals, why you chose them, and how the course you will study in Poland can help you achieve your goals.

4. How do you plan to finance your studies and stay in Poland?

The interviewer will examine whether you have enough finances to fund your studies in Poland. You need to provide strong evidence of financial ability, such as bank statements, sponsor letters, scholarships, or any other form of finance. Make sure you have calculated all the costs, including tuition fees, accommodation, medical insurance, travel expenses, books, and other miscellaneous expenses.

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5. Can you explain how you will manage living expenses in Poland?

The interviewer will be interested in knowing how you will manage your daily living expenses while in Poland. Make sure you have sufficient funds or a plan to acquire them. You can explain how you will manage living expenses by doing part-time jobs, working on campus, or any other legal means.

6. Have you applied to any other universities?

The goal of this question is to identify if studying in Poland is your only option or you have other options as well. Answer truthfully and explain why you preferred Poland, and what other options you have.

7. Why did you choose this specific course, and how do you plan to utilize the knowledge you gain?

The interviewer wants to assess if you have researched the course, program, and university you are applying for. Showcase your research, highlight the benefits of the course, and explain how you plan to utilize the knowledge you acquire.

8. What ties do you have to your home country?

The interviewer is interested in assessing your ties to your home country. Explain your family, social, and economic ties, and what your future plans are when you return to your home country.


The Poland student visa interview can be stressful, but being well prepared can be rewarding. Make sure you research the course, program, and university you have applied for, are knowledgeable about your financial situation, and have strong ties to your home country.


1. How long before my program commences should I apply for a student visa to Poland?

You should apply at least three months before the commencement of your program.

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2. How long is the Poland student visa valid for?

The Poland student visa is valid for the duration of your studies.

3. Can I work while studying on a Poland student visa?

Yes, students can work up to 20 hours a week during the study period and full-time during holidays.

4. What should I do if my Poland student visa is refused?

If your visa is refused, you have the right to appeal the decision. The appeal should be submitted within 14 days of the refusal, and it can take up to 30 days to process.

5. Can I extend my Poland student visa?

Yes, you can extend your student visa if you meet specific requirements such as enrolling in a new course, change of institution, or change of status.

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