Schools That Sponsor H1B Visa for Teachers in 2023: A Comprehensive List

If you are a foreign educator or teacher looking for opportunities to work in the United States, one way to do so is by obtaining an H1B visa. However, not all schools sponsor visas for teachers, making the process a bit complicated.

To help, we have created a comprehensive list of schools that sponsor H1B visas for teachers in 2023. Here are our key takeaways:

Key takeaways

  • It is essential to have a good understanding of the H1B visa requirements and qualifications before looking for schools that sponsor visas for teachers.
  • Many public and private schools across the US offer H1B visas to foreign teachers, with some schools providing additional support in obtaining the visas.
  • The criteria for schools to sponsor H1B visas for teachers in 2023 vary, but most schools require teachers to have a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree in education or a related field, a valid teaching license from their home country, and proof of language proficiency.
  • The benefits of teaching in US schools include exposure to innovative teaching practices, diverse student populations, and competitive salary packages.
  • The application process for a job in a school that sponsors H1B visas for teachers in 2023 usually involves submitting a detailed application, attending an interview, and obtaining a recommendation from a previous employer.
  • Foreign teachers can enhance their chances of securing a job in the US by familiarizing themselves with the US education system, networking with educators, and highlighting their teaching experience and qualifications.
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List of Schools That Sponsor H1B Visas for Teachers in 2023

Here are ten schools that sponsor H1B visas for teachers in 2023 based on their reputation, the range of opportunities, and the support they offer to foreign teachers:

  1. Houston Independent School District
  2. Wake County Public School System (North Carolina)
  3. Seattle Public Schools
  4. San Francisco Unified School District
  5. New York City Department of Education
  6. Boston Public Schools
  7. Fairfax County Public Schools (Virginia)
  8. Montgomery County Public Schools (Maryland)
  9. Los Angeles Unified School District
  10. Chicago Public Schools

It is worth noting that this list is not exhaustive, and there are many more schools across the US that sponsor H1B visas for teachers. Therefore, foreign educators are encouraged to research schools in their preferred locations and reach out to the schools directly to inquire about job openings and visa sponsorship opportunities.


The US education system offers exciting opportunities for foreign educators and teachers, and obtaining an H1B visa is one way to realize those opportunities. By following the guidelines outlined in this article and researching schools independently, foreign teachers can secure a job at a school that sponsors H1B visas for teachers in 2023.


1. Can foreign teachers work in the US without an H1B visa?

Foreign teachers cannot work in the US without a valid visa or legal documentation that allows them to work in the country.

2. What is the maximum duration of an H1B visa?

The maximum duration of an H1B visa is six years, although extensions may be granted in some cases.

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3. Can foreign teachers apply for an H1B visa independently?

Foreign teachers cannot apply for an H1B visa independently, and the visa sponsorship process must be initiated by a US-based employer.

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