Unlocking the Mystery of Visitor Visa Interview Questions in Hindi: The Ultimate Guide

Are you planning to visit your relatives or simply explore the exotic paradise of the US? Then brace yourself for a nerve-racking step in the visa application process – the visitor visa interview. While it can be overwhelming, proper preparation can give you a significant advantage in obtaining a visitor visa. In this ultimate guide, we provide a comprehensive list of common visitor visa interview questions in Hindi, effective tips to help you prepare, and how to nail the interview with confidence.

Key Takeaways

  • The visitor visa interview is a critical step in the visa application process, and it is essential to prepare adequately to increase your chances of success.
  • Knowing the common visitor visa interview questions in Hindi can help you prepare for the interview and give you an added advantage.
  • Preparing for the interview involves various aspects, including practicing responses to questions, dressing appropriately, and maintaining positive body language.
  • It is important to answer questions honestly and provide the necessary documentation to prove your intent to return to your home country after your visit.


The visitor visa interview is an essential step in the visa application process. It is an opportunity for the visa officer to assess your eligibility to enter the United States. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) wants to ensure that you have a legitimate reason for visiting the US, and that you do not have any intentions of violating immigration laws.

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The visa interview is usually conducted in some of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, including Hindi. Answering the questions adequately and demonstrating your willingness to comply with the laws and regulations of the US can increase your chances of obtaining a visitor visa.

Common Visitor Visa Interview Questions in Hindi

Here is a list of common visitor visa interview questions asked by the visa officers. Please note that the interview questions may vary depending on the individual’s circumstances or the purpose of their travel.

  1. क्या आपने कभी अमेरिका या किसी अन्य देश में बिना वीजा के इंटरनेशनल यात्रा की है? (Have you ever traveled internationally without a visa, including to the United States or any other country?)
  2. आपका सफर क्या उद्देश्य है? (What is the purpose of your trip?)
  3. आप कितने समय के लिए होटल में रहेंगे? (How long do you plan to stay in a hotel?)
  4. आपके पास कितने पैसे हैं? (How much money do you have?)
  5. आप कहां से आये हैं? (Where have you come from?)
  6. आप अपने देश में कौन से काम करते हैं? (What do you do for work in your country?)
  7. आप इस प्रयास में कोई अन्य लोग हैं जो आपके साथ यात्रा करेंगे? (Are there any other people who will travel with you on this trip?)
  8. आपके पास कौन से संबंध हैं जो संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका में हैं? (Do you have any relatives in the United States?)

Preparing for the Interview

The following tips can help you prepare for the visitor visa interview:

  1. Practice responding to the interview questions in Hindi: You can prepare for the interview by practicing with a friend or family member, or by recording your responses to the most common questions asked in Hindi.
  2. Dress appropriately: Dress as if you were going to a job interview. Your attire should be formal and professional.
  3. Maintain positive body language: Display confident body language, maintain eye contact, and sit upright.
  4. Be honest and straightforward: Answer questions as truthfully as possible. Avoid providing misleading information or omitting essential details.
  5. Provide proper documentation: Bring all necessary documents to support your application, such as employment letters, bank statements, and proof of strong ties to your home country.
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The visitor visa interview is undoubtedly one of the most nerve-racking phases of the visa application process. It is critical to prepare adequately for the interview to increase your chances of obtaining the visa. By following the tips we have provided and knowing the commonly asked questions, you can navigate the interview with confidence and demonstrate your eligibility to enter the United States.


1. Can I bring an interpreter with me for the visa interview?

Yes, if you do not speak English fluently, you may bring your interpreter. Please inform the embassy or consulate beforehand to ensure the availability of an interpreter on the day of the interview.

2. What documents do I need to bring with me to the visa interview?

You need to bring all the required documents as per the USCIS guidelines, including your passport, DS-160 confirmation page, visa application fee receipt, and supporting documents like employment letter, bank statement, and proof of strong ties to your home country.

3. Will the visa officer ask me questions in English during the interview?

It depends on the embassy or consulate where you apply for the visa. Some embassies or consulates may have interpreters for non-English speaking applicants.

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